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 Bell Peppers, Eggplant, Summer Squash & Tomatoes…oh my!

A cornucopia of yummy goodness straight from Melon Acres

Bell Peppers

Our bell peppers are sized and packed into bushel and 1/9 waxed boxes.  Sizes include large, extra large, and jumbo.  Choppers are available upon request.  Prior to packing, Melon Acres bell peppers are rinsed with sanitized wash water and then sprayed with a wax coating. This helps protect the skin from bruising as well as reduce moisture loss which improves the shelf life and physical appearance.


Melon Acres eggplants are individually wrapped with vegetable wrap and placed into bushel and 1/9 waxed boxes.  This vegetable wrap protects the skin of the eggplant along with reducing moisture loss thereby improving shelf life and physical appearance.  Our eggplants are submerged into a sanitized wash water prior to packing.

Summer Squash

Our straightneck yellow squash and zucchini are packed into half bushel boxes.  Sizes available are fancy, small, and medium.  Each half bushel box is topped with a layer of vegetable wrap prior to closing.  This helps protect the skin from bruising plus helps reduce moisture loss increasing shelf life.


Melon Acres has slicing tomatoes available along with limited quantities of cherry, grape and Roma tomatoes.   Our slicers are place packed into 25 pound boxes.  Sizes available include small, medium, large and extra large.  Our cherry, grape and Roma tomatoes are also packed in 25 pound quantities.