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A family farm started in 1976, Melon Acres is built on the Horrall tradition of food safety, innovation, and exceptional quality.

Abner and Frieda Horrall began a farm, a family, and commitment to their community when they founded Melon Acres, Inc. nearly four decades ago. Melon Acres remains family-owned and is operated by Mike and Vicki Horrall along with their three children, Autumn, Jacob, and Whitney. The farm has grown to include over 1,000 acres of cantaloupes, watermelon, sweet corn, cucumbers and asparagus, and a Community Supported Agriculture program. The third generation of Melon Acres carries on the mission of passing on trusted, family quality fruits and vegetables.

The first and second generations of Melon Acres: Frieda & Abner, Mike, and Mitch Horrall.

The first and second generations of Melon Acres: Frieda & Abner, Mike, and Mitch Horrall.

Food Safety

The safety and quality of all Melon Acres produce is our primary concern. We follow the USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices throughout our entire growing and packing processes to maximize sanitation while minimizing environmental impact. Learn more about our food safety processes.


High Tunnels caption here

Our Farm Market and CSA produce is grown in high tunnels on our Oaktown, IN farm.

  • Melon Acres was among the first in the area to use rye strips and plastic mulch to harvest an earlier crop.
  • Melon Acres were also the first growers in Indiana to use forced-air cooling to increase the storage time and quality of Indiana-grown muskmelon, and the first muskmelon grower in Indiana to experiment with the use of packing lines to bring produce to market more quickly, more attractively, and in better condition.
  • In 2003, after research that took the Horralls to Australia and New Zealand, Melon Acres installed the first computerized asparagus sorter and sizer in the eastern United States. You can order our fresh asparagus directly from the farm!
  • In 2012, we began the area’s first Community Support Agriculture program, directly connecting consumers to their farmers while providing Knox County and the surrounding counties with locally grown fruits and vegetables. Join our CSA.
  • Haygrove’s 4 Series high tunnels are used to extend the harvest season for a variety of fruit and vegetable crops for our Farm Market and CSA program.

Indiana Farm, Nationwide Industry

As proud melon growers, they’re in our name after all, we are actively involved in organizations that advocate for our industry and the well-being of our consumers – that’s you!

The Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association is a group of growers working together to build consumer and retail confidence in the Eastern cantaloupe market and supply chain. To maintain our membership, we must adhere to strict food safety standards including unannounced audits at our farm and packing facility. Learn more about the ECGA on their website.

Our Food Safety Manager, Autumn, is on the National Watermelon Promotion Board. This nonprofit organization for growers, shippers and importers of watermelon in the U.S. is focused on increasing consumer demand for fresh watermelon through promotion, research, and educational programs. Find watermelon recipes, carvings, and fun facts on the National Watermelon Promotion Board website.

The members of the Illiana Watermelon Association, growers, shippers, and other industry supporters in Indiana and Illinois, are brought together by the common purpose of promoting what we believe is the best watermelon in the country. Our owner, Mike, proudly served as the 2014-15 IWA Board President, and continues to be an active member of IWA. Visit the IWA website for the latest information on the annual convention and Watermelon Queen program.