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Melon Acres watermelon is summer in a slice


Ripe, red, and sticky-sweet watermelon are available beginning around July 15. Our season lasts through the end of September, providing six to eight weeks of sweet crimson treats for your customers. Our watermelons are available in both traditional and seedless varieties as well as mini watermelons!


Our seedless watermelons are packaged in attractive 2 ft. graphic bins which function as their own display. Bins contain 35-65 of our premium quality watermelons. Each individual Seedless comes with a PLU sticker already attached. All you have to do is remove the top of the bin and start selling! Our seeded watermelons are packed in 3 ft. bins.


Melon Acres Premium Watermelon are packed using modern packing equipment to ensure quality and product uniformity. Care is also taken to shade melons before packing to prevent unsightly sun scald.

Indiana Farm, Nationwide Industry

Our Food Safety Manager, Autumn, is on the National Watermelon Promotion Board. This nonprofit organization for growers, shippers and importers of watermelon in the U.S. is focused on increasing consumer demand for fresh watermelon through promotion, research, and educational programs. Find watermelon recipes, carvings, and fun facts on the National Watermelon Promotion Board website.

As growers, shippers, and other industry supporters in Indiana and Illinois, members of the Illiana Watermelon Association are brought together by the common purpose of promoting what we believe is the best watermelon in the country. Our owner, Mike, proudly served as the 2014-15 IWA Board President, and continues to be an active member of IWA. Visit the IWA website for the latest information on the annual convention and Watermelon Queen program.