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Order directly from our family farm to fill your plate with tender, freshly cut asparagus.

Melon Acres asparagus is bursting with the flavor of spring. Find it at our Farm Market, ship it directly to your door, or order at commercial volume.

Order fresh asparagus directly from Melon Acres

Available April through May, our asparagus can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. After placing an order, your asparagus will be picked, sorted, and bundled according to the highest quality standards. The stalks are then cooled to 36 degrees, packed with ice to maintain temperature and moisture into Styrofoam coolers, and shipped directly to you. Available in shipments of 3lbs, 6lbs, 12lbs and 27lbs. Order your asparagus now!


We’re serious about fresh. We don’t pick, pack or ship until you place an order. Asparagus will be delivered by 5:00 pm the next business day, ensuring that you are serving the freshest asparagus available. Place your order now to start the process.

Retail wholesale


Harvesting begins around April 10th and will last for five to six weeks during the months of April and May.


Our asparagus will be bundled into 1 lb. bundles and will be sold in 11 or 28 lb. boxes. Spear length is 10.25 inches. PLU numbers are on each individual bundle.


Melon Acres Asparagus is washed and cooled to insure that high quality and full flavor are delivered right to your door.

Contact Mike Horrall at for commercial volume.

Our sturdy green stalks are processed with the only computerized asparagus sorter and sizer in the eastern United States. This specialized equipment takes 12 pictures per second, photographer each spear to determine its width, and then drops the spear down a chute containing other spears of the same width. After the appropriate weight of asparagus spears has collected against a door at the bottom of the chute, the door opens to let the spears drop down for a work to bundle and box. Our new technology ensures each bundle is of uniform size while minimizing the amount of human handling.