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The Melon Acres commitment to food safety starts in our fields and ends at your fork

The quality of all Melon Acres produce is our primary concern. Produce for commercial grocers and supermarkets, our Farm Market fruits and veggies, and all CSA shares are subject to stringent standards. When you buy Melon Acres produce, you buy safe produce.

We follow the USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) throughout our entire growing and packing processes to maximize sanitation while minimizing environmental impact. Our Food Safety Manager, Autumn, oversees our food safety practices and ensures great care for the well-being of Melon Acres consumers. View the results of our recent farm and packing facility audit below.

In the Field

Our farm was one of the first in Southwestern Indiana to utilize fertigation reduce nitrogen use and prevent contamination of ground water.

In 1992, we began field scouting to reduce pesticide use. By adapting integrated pest management techniques and using field scouts, our insecticide use on melons decreased by 50% in just two years.
We’re incorporating space-age technology in our plant disease management program. Using a system called MELCAST, developed by researchers at Purdue University, our farmers use weather satellites to determine the need for protectant fungicide sprays in melon crops. A similar system called TOMCAST is used in our asparagus production. Data from these satellites allows us to apply fungicides only when warranted by weather conditions.

Packing & Processing

The Melon Acres dedication to product safety doesn’t stop in the field. Forced-air cooling and modern packing lines ensure that our produce is packaged quickly and cleanly in an environment that slows ripening and extends shelf life.

Our packing facilities are registered with the FDA and receive the same careful attention as our field production. We are currently developing a food safety protocol to insure against microbial contamination. The implementation of this protocol will insure that our products remain free from harmful microbes and will arrive at their destinations in near- perfect condition with minimal risk to the consumer.

2016/2017 Food Safety Certifications

Lope Harvest Certificate

MA Shed Certificate

Watermelon Harvest Crew Certificate

Watermelon Ranch Certificate

Cantaloupe Ranch Certificate

Lope Packhouse Certificate

Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association Certification