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Ready to enjoy mid-July through August, our Eastern Muskmelons are grown and harvested with care, ensuring your safety and juicy enjoyment


Harvest of our high quality Melon Acres cantaloupes generally begins around July 10. Our delicious Eastern Type Muskmelon are available through the months of July and August.


Our delicious, sweet cantaloupes are packed in attractive 2 ft. Graphic bins. Each bin functions as its own display and contains 70-130 of our #1 cantaloupes. Number 2 cantaloupes are also available upon request.


All of our high quality, premium cantaloupes are washed, graded, sized, and packed by a modern packing line to insure quality and uniformity. A non-toxic wax is applied to prevent water loss, and all cantaloupes are forced-air cooled to extend shelf life.

Indiana Farm, Nationwide Industry

The Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association is a group of growers working together to build consumer and retail confidence in the Eastern cantaloupe market and supply chain. To maintain our membership, we must adhere to strict food safety standards including unannounced audits at our farm and packing facility. Learn more about the ECGA on their website.